• @trackindakraken
    5 months ago

    I’m trying Ubuntu now. I’ve had it installed for about three months. I only switch to Windows 10 to play Starfield. The only problem I’ve had… (delete, it’s a long story I don’t want to write). I had to reinstall, I couldn’t figure out how to reinstall and keep my settings and apps, so I had to redo everything. I’m glad I still had Windows (because I wanted to play Starfield), because I would have been screwed–I had formatted the USB stick I used to install Ubuntu the first time. It’s been probably over 10 years since I needed to use a recovery disc to get Windows running again.

    It’s unfortunate that AAA game developers won’t support Linux. But, the money isn’t there, and we live under capitalism. Without reliable, plug-n-play, easy-as-Windows game support, Linux will remain niche. I’m sure the point has been made before, but here it is again, and still.

    • @[email protected]
      15 months ago

      But, the money isn’t there

      There are no users on Linux because there are no games!

      They don’t make games for Linux because there are no users!

      Except Valve nullified all those arguments. First with Proton, and then with the Steam Deck.

      Companies don’t even have to target Linux with dedicated builds anymore. They just need to target Proton, which reduces the work for a Linux version by at least 90%.