“Wall Street uses money from stocks that regular people have invested in the stock market to hold the 99% down while propping up the 1%. That allows Wall Street to control the media, create division, and hand pick politicians who enforce and create laws that enable Wall Street to widen the wealth gap. The current system is a feedback loop where the more Wall Street takes from you, the more they can fund their ability to take more and more.”

“There is a solution, however, and that’s by having the American public remove their stocks out of Wall Street’s name, and put them in their own. This can be done with just a single phone call to your broker (or advisor), but that secret is so well hidden that no one knows about it nor what it’s called. It’s called the Direct Registration System (DRS), and by registering your stocks in your own name, we can restore the American dream and take back what is rightfully ours from the system that has held us down for decades.”

For more information, please see the website De-Occupy Wall Street.

  • @apes_on_paradeM
    78 months ago

    I’ve been going with Liquidate Wall Street personally